Relief & Purification Infused Oil


Infused oils are great for massages, moisturizing skin, and supporting skin health. The oil is helpful with painful, irritated, inflamed skin. It is also helpful during prayer when in need of mental and spiritual purification. Apply the oil, in faith, to the Crown Chakra [top of the head] in a circular motion. To remove the unwanted energies, apply in a counter clockwise motion. Do this when you are in a relaxed, meditative state – preferably in the early AM. Channel the mind with spiritual meditation on releasing all negative strongholds in your mind and body so that you may feel pure in mind, body, and spirit. Enjoy the benefits of Rosemary and Lavender in pure Golden Jojoba.


Our products are created with intention to help your condition by the capabilities of the herbs used. We are not medical doctors. Therefore, we do not diagnose, cure, or professionally treat illnesses, diseases, or cancer.
Our products may include or have been made with equipment exposed to known allergens including, but not limited to, dairy, nuts, wheat, and soy. If you suffer with extreme allergies, please contact us to request the products ingredients prior to ordering.


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