Valeriana officinalis Common name: Valerian
Family: Valerianaceae

Parts used: Root

Constituents: Volatile oil (camp hene, borneol), sesquiterpene alkaloids (valerenic acid), Iridoid esters (valepotriates), alkaloids (actinidine, valerine, valerianine, chatinine)

Medicinal actions: Nervous system relaxant, hypnotic, hypotensive, anxiolytic, analgesic, antibiotic, expectorant, bitter, carminative, sedative (paradoxical stimulant), antispasmodic, emmenagogue

Medicinal use: One of the most relaxing nervines available to herbal medicine. Can be used safely to reduce tension, anxiety, and overexcitable states. It is an effective aid in insomnia, producing a natural healing sleep. As an antispasmodic it has a muscle relaxing effect on smooth and skeletal muscles, and will aid in the relief of cramping, neuralgias and intestinal colic. As a pain reliever it is most indicated where that pain is associated with tension, such as in migraines. It carries no risk of dependency and does not effect mental concentration.

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